Practice Driver Safety in a New Ford EcoSport

Ford is answering the question all drivers have asked through the ages—“What’s that behind me?” Since the invention of the automobile, one of the main concerns of drivers has been what is behind them. This concern intensifies when changing gears to reverse the vehicle. There is always that blind spot where something can lurk.

Ford engineers equipped the Ford EcoSport with a rear-view camera. To keep the camera from being a distraction while driving down the road, engineers provided a quick on-off switch that is activated when you change gears to reverse and deactivated when you move into forward gears. The addition of a screen to watch what is going on behind you decreases the likelihood of you hitting another vehicle or pedestrian.

Check out the Ford EcoSport at Teague Ford in El Dorado. If you are interested, take us along for a test drive and try out the rear-view camera.



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