Impressive Ford Fusion Energi Performance Features


Now that the all-new Ford Fusion Energi is here at Teague Ford, our team thought this would be the perfect time to go into detail about a few performance features that make this popular plug-in hybrid the car to own this year.

By shifting your new Ford Fusion Energi in reverse, you are able to identify all the moving objects directly behind the car. The rear-view camera system will become a live camera on the information screen in the vehicle, showing you anything that could be directly behind you as you attempt to back up.

The Lane-Keeping System in the new Ford Fusion Energi is designed for making certain the driver maintains their lane in a variety of situations. Regardless if distracted or tired, the minute this vehicle begins drifting out of the lane, that is when the sensors recognize an issue and send pulses to the steering wheel, so the driver can take the appropriate corrective action.

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