See the New 2018 Ford Mustang Design

Ford has refreshed the Mustang design again. Every few years, the automaker tries to do something completely different yet keeps to the same style that the Mustang is known for. While there have bene more successful re-designs in the past, the latest Ford Mustang is an updated, refreshed look that keeps the classic racing style but with all new features.

The Ford Mustang has a new body kit and headlamp style. You may also notice the curve of the hood and the design of the engine vents is different. The designers wanted to create a more aerodynamic design while also keeping to the classic beauty of the original Mustang. There are also advanced technology features on the inside of the vehicle, including SYNC and SYNC 3 infotainment systems.

You can access all of the driver assistance features including blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and parking assist. Want to test drive the latest Ford Mustang? Check out the Mustang at Teague Ford located in El Dorado, AR.

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