Unwind on Cozy Seats in the Ford EcoSport's Cabin

The Ford EcoSport has very cozy seats that provide great support during long driving routines. These seats are quite stylish, and they have key elements that boost different comfort levels.

Every seat in the cabin is strategically padded. The thick cushioning is there for extra stability and support. Each seat also provides solid neck support. All passengers can easily take a nap while resting against the plush headrests. If you buy an EcoSport SE or higher, you'll get upgraded front seats with heating elements. When these highly efficient heaters are activated on a cold day, they gradually provide warmth.

You can thoroughly examine the Ford EcoSport at Teague Ford. Our automotive business is driven by great customer service, so we'll strive to make the buying process simple by explaining key features during a test drive. We arrange short educational test drives in a variety of EcoSport trims for potential buyers in El Dorado, AR.

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