Many of the technology features in the Ford Edge are designed to keep you safe while you're driving in El Dorado, AR. They are among the latest features that you can find in an SUV and often deliver more confidence while you're driving as well. Several sensors are positioned around the exterior of the SUV to alert you if there are cars or objects that you're unable to see.

The Co-Pilot 360 feature monitors the road in front of you, showing you via images on the navigation screen if you're veering from your lane or if there are possible danger signs ahead. Another feature to keep you safe on the road that Teague Ford can assist with is the adaptive cruise control. This feature senses when you're in traffic, stopping your vehicle when needed.

Ford Alexa allows you to use your voice to search for maps, connect with people on your mobile device, or listen to information about the traffic in your area. A benefit of this feature is that you don't have to use your hands to navigate the information.

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